Solutions for Water Treatment Skids - Reduce Cost and Improve Performance

Source: Festo Corporation
Festo Corporation

Festo has dedicated engineering resources to develop solutions specific to the water industry. The result has been some innovations that are unique to Festo and offer cost and efficiency benefits to companies building water treatment skids.

Festo can provide process valve assemblies, valve terminals, I/O, sensors, air preparation, tubing, fittings, and control cabinet solutions globally. This reduces vendor count and simplifies service and training.

Water Treatment Skid Solutions: Reduce Cost and Improve Performance

  • High Capacity Valve Terminals Festo MPA valves accommodate up to 128 solenoids on one node, therefore save cost and reduce installation space.
  • Integrated I/O and I/P - CPX I/O platform which includes proportional pressure control, integrated pressure transducer, and supports multiple size valves.
  • Flexible network interfaces - Valves series does not have to change when your client requires a different protocol.
  • High Resolution Analog Cards - CPX Analog inputs are available with 16 bit resolution.
  • Centralized Control of Valve Speed - Maintain control of process valve speed at the centralized valve terminal.
  • High Cycle Process Valves -  Designed specifically for high cycle filtration applications to last 3 to 4 times longer than typical valves.
  • Pneumatic Linear Actuator with - Lower cost than comparable electrical version, longer life, simpler service requirements, and better design than competitive pneumatic solutions.
  • Diagnostics to Avoid Field Service – Provides your controller with the status and performance of the I/O
  • Diagnostics for Field Service - The CPX will provide real time information and last 40 diagnostic events with time stamp.
  • Process Control Cabinets - A valve manufacturer with three domestic UL508A shops ready to design and produc cabinets generates a significant cost savings.

Reduce Cabinet Installation Costs by 30% - All pneumatic connections are outside the cabinets. This eliminates expensive bulkhead connectors and labor to plumb the inside of the cabinet.