SLP Series Low Pressure Pump

Source: Fluid Equipment Development Company (FEDCO)

The End Suction, Single Stage, Centrifugal Pump offers an array of benefits for both drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment. It features a reliable, low maintenance design and Super Duplex construction for corrision resistance. The SLP Series Low Pressure Pump is the ideal solution to low pressure fluid handling needs in RO applications, including permeate circulation, pretreatment, backwash and CIP applications. The SLP Series is available for flow rates up 6.8-193 m3/hr (20-850 gpm), and for pressures of 35-130.5 psi (4-9 bar).


  • Single stage, close coupled
  • Multiple impeller trims available
  • No oil or grease lubrication for reduced maintenance
  • NEMA standard JM frame, TEFC motor for easy repair
  • Compact footprint for saving space
  • Centerline discharge for easy piping and self venting design
  • Back wear ring eliminates motor thrust load and extends shaft seal life

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