Brochure | February 7, 2018

Slant Rib Coalescing Oil/Water Separator

Source: Parkson Corporation

The Parkson Model SRC has become the industry standard oil/water separator for flows from 2 to 1200 GPM in a single tank with custom designs for larger flows. The slant rib coalescing design is the separator most often specified because of its compactness, reliability and throughput. The SRC removes free, non-emulsified oil and settleable solids to produce an effluent with 10 mg/l of oil droplets 20 micron or larger.


  • Handles twice the volume in 20% the length of comparably sized gravity settlers 
  • Coalescing ribs angled 55° to maximize solids settling 
  • Efficient coalescing action removes smaller oil droplets 
  • Tank and slant rib coalescing pack maximize separation and removal of oil and solids 
  • Energy efficient gravity separation operation 
  • Special baffle system controls flow and minimizes surges for more reliable separation 
  • Sloped sludge chamber for complete sludge removal 
  • Design flexibility: customized to site-specific requirements