News | April 10, 2008

Shelco Filters Launches Longer-Life Absolute Melt Blown Cartridge

Source: Shelco Filters
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Newest in MicroVantage™ Product Line is Efficient and Economical

Middletown, CT - In a move to provide increased efficiency and longer cartridge life, Shelco introduces the Absolute Melt Blown Cartridge. This is the newest cartridge in the popular MicroVantage line, which is available now directly through Shelco or through all major distribution outlets.

The Absolute Melt Blown Cartridge is part of Shelco's PDA Series, and is made of 100% polypropylene thermally bonded microfibers (producing a fixed-pore structure) which are blown over a rigid center core that provides greater stability for higher differential pressures. This process also achieves the most dirt-holding capacity available. The customizable cartridges are available in standard lengths to fit most housings. This provides the best solution for a wide range of applications including food and beverage, potable water, plating solutions, electronics, wastewater, photographic and chemical solutions, and more.

"Our customers look to Shelco for long-lasting, high-performing, reliable cartridges, adaptable to their specific applications," said Robert LeConche, president of Shelco. "And that's what they will find in our new Absolute Melt Blown Cartridge. This cartridge has a 99% efficiency rating and has proven to be extremely stable under difference pressures - two features we know are important to our customers."

Shelco MicroVantage Melt Blown Cartridges are manufactured of pure polypropylene materials with no additives or other manufacturing agents. Shelco certifies that all materials used in the production of these cartridges meet FDA requirements.

Founded in 1973, Shelco offers one of the most extensive lines of filters and cartridges, distributed and sold throughout the world. The company's extensive product lines meet the needs of countless industrial and high-purity applications, including water and other in-plant liquids, gases, foods, beverages, chemical, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, photographic solutions, fuels, lubricants, paints and coatings, plating solutions and more. Additionally, Shelco offers a complete line of industrial cartridge and bag housings along with a complete line of disposable cartridges and bags. Visit the website for the full line of products.

SOURCE: Shelco Filters