Datasheet | May 30, 2019

Sewage Treatment Mini Train System

Source: Newterra, Ltd.

The highly scalable newterra WWT-50 Sewage Treatment Mini Train System is designed for rapid mobilization to serve camps of 200 to 800 people. These efficient plants are configured in trains that allow modular expansion and easy redeployment of assets.

Base Unit features include:

  • 50 m3 capacity (13,200 US gal)
  • Advanced MicroClear™ UF membranes meet the most stringent regulatory requirements for discharge and reuse
  • Runs operator-free for a minimum of 7-days
  • Separate equalization, aeration and MBR tanks for process isolation
  • Integrated spill prevention & containment
  • Each train can be independently operated
  • Advanced telemetry for remote control, monitoring & diagnostics
  • Sludge storage with optional sludge press
  • Low power & chemical requirements