News | June 5, 2019

SES Water Selects Echologics ePulse Technology To Assess Condition Of 273 km Of Water Mains

Echologics, a subsidiary of Mueller Water Products, Inc., will start one of the largest water pipe condition assessment projects in Europe with SES Water this month. Following completion of a successful initial trial with SES Water in 2018, the new project includes the assessment of 273.8km (170 miles) of ageing metallic mains. SES Water serves over 700,000 customers in East Surrey, parts of West Sussex, West Kent and south of London.

ePulse technology is a non-invasive acoustic solution that assesses a pipe’s condition and simultaneously detects leaks. It analyzes information about the pipe material, the time frame in which it was installed, the diameter of the pipe and the original wall thickness to estimate the condition and the remaining service life of the pipe.

Daniel Woodworth of SES Water, says, “We maintain a fundamental belief that correctly targeted mains renewal is the only truly sustainable way to ensure that our network does not deteriorate over time, and we favour tackling the issue of ageing mains today, rather than leaving it for future generations.” The ePulse technology is at the forefront of innovative thinking and non-invasive condition assessment will enable SES Water to evaluate the condition of its mains without causing disruption to customers. “This window into the condition of our assets will assist us in replacing mains that we need to, increasing our efficiency and ability to deliver our commitment to our customers around resilience and reduced losses, in a sustainable and efficient way,” concluded Woodworth.

Joe Finn, Echologics Sales Manager for the United Kingdom & Ireland, says, “SES Water is trailblazing in proactive asset management to ensure they make informed decisions about where to focus resources and spending to improve their water distribution network”.

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