Seres OL Process Analyzers


Now Swan can meet even more of your online analysis needs.

We're excited to introduce Seres OL as part of the Swan family, bringing you a more complete line of analyzers for the water market. Since it's inception in 1969, Seres has gone through many changes, but always with a commitment to quality. In 2019, Seres OL became part of Swan and we've spent the last year preparing the line for introduction in the US.

Across the Seres line you'll find user friendly features like a color touchscreen interface for intuitive setup and data visualization. Precise, reliable peristaltic pumps deliver reagents and titrants for accurate measurements. Many offer multi-channel options for added value. Rugged enclosures hold up to tough environments.

Seres TOC Evolution Analyzers
Seres Topaz Titrimetric and Potentiometric Analyzers
Seres Topaz Colorimetric and Absorptive Analyzers