See Data Run: Utilities Catch Up With Infrastructure Data Modeling


Technology has the capability to bring people and information together in ways that weren’t possible in years past. Disconnected information has long been a pain point at utilities, but that is being overcome by infrastructure data modeling.

Enter IDModeling, which takes its name directly from that capability. Paul Hauffen, CEO of IDModeling, talks to Water Online Radio about the need being served by his company and product.

“We call it Sedaru [an acronym for “See Data Run”], and it actually came about very organically within IDModeling. Having grown up in this space — this decision-support space — we came about to learn the pains and the challenges that utilities were experiencing when trying to collect information from the different functional groups, namely a maintenance group, or the engineering group, or operations group, or customer service group. Utilities are challenged to bring this information together and make sense of it all and make better decisions based on that.

“What we did was we created a water utility operating platform. We called it Sedaru … it stands for “See Data Run” We don't just view maps, but we bring information together. Sedaru is this live, dynamic, kicking, screaming, real-time, connected platform to persist connections within the utility so they can access their information, make sense of that information, understand how their systems perform and what the status of their system is, take action on that information, and then all of that information gets documented.”

Haussen goes on to explain how people — “the true smart water network” — interface with and benefit from infrastructure data modeling on the Sedaru platform. Listen to the full interview below to learn more.

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