Grit & Grease Removal System

Source: Schreiber

Grit and Grease (1)

Schreiber’s Grit & Grease Removal System consists of a rectangular concrete channel with two parallel chambers. The rectangular design provides efficient removal over a wide range of flows.

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Flow enters the grit channel where coarse bubble diffusers located near the bottom create a continuous and adjustable roll in the liquid. The spiral circulation scours, washes, and deposits the grit into the bottom trough of the channel. Normal operation provides adjustment for removal from 100 – 300 micron, with the ability to remove grit down to the 50-micron size, with a minimal amount of entrained organics. A grit pump mounted to a traveling bridge removes settled grit from the channel and discharges into an elevated grit trough. The pump has a vortex impeller for handling grit slurry. Should repairs be necessary, the grit pump is easily removed without dewatering the basin. This follows a Schreiber design philosophy – “maintenance without dewatering.” The grit slurry then flows to a grit classifier for further washing and dewatering before disposal.

The grease removal system is provided with very little additional capital cost and almost no additional operating cost. The grease within the liquid makes contact with air bubbles that provide buoyancy. The divider wall between the grit and grease channels extends slightly below water level. Openings within a baffle system permit the combined air and grease to pass under the wall and float to the surface. The floating grease is continuously transported to the end of the channel by an air/water-skimming system. Air/water lances span the width of the grease channel. Nozzles mounted to each lance direct the air/water to the water surface at an angle creating a surface current that continuously transports grease to a shafted screw conveyor for removal .

About Schreiber:
A Process Company serving Industrial & Municipal markets since 1979, Schreiber LLC solves wastewater treatment problems through the application of energy-efficient, innovative, and proprietary equipment/process technology from head works to tertiary filtration. Our patented treatment processes such as the Continuous Sequencing Reactor® and compressible media filter “Fuzzy Filter®” combine effectiveness and efficiency to produce the industry’s highest quality products. For more information, visit or come see us at WEFTEC Booth #4929.

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