News | October 3, 2016

Schneider Electric Launches Aquis 7.0 To Improve Control Of Water Distribution Networks

Source: Schneider Electric
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  • Having served the water industry for over 30 years, Aquis extends this knowledge and value to the water utilities industry
  • Version 7.0 includes accelerated performance, faster load times, extended system log facilities, enhanced find functionality, improved user experience and collaborative engineering enhancements

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, recently announced general availability of Aquis 7.0, an advanced software application for water distribution network management. 

Several global issues face the water management industry, including regional drought conditions, growing demand and rising energy costs. Smart water systems offer ways to improve visibility, increase utilization and better manage this increasingly scarce and valuable resource. 

Aquis 7.0 reflects over 30 years of development knowledge and experience, culminating in the most comprehensive set of functionalities and a richer feature set for water management professionals. Aquis reduces operation and energy costs associated to water distribution activities by providing operators with information about the forecasted behavior of their water networks - adding intelligence to water network management - helping to reduce the impact of unplanned events before they happen. Specific improvements now part of Aquis 7.0 include: 

  • Faster enhanced hydraulic engine management
  • Faster load and save time of model files and enhanced find functionality for an improved user experience
  • Faster master/operator communications for improved collaboration
  • Extended system of log facilities
  • Improved display of control mode of pumps and valves 

As a result, Aquis 7.0 customers have the potential to: 

  • Reduce Operations and Management (O&M) risk - by allowing users to better forecast network behavior by running various "what if" scenarios, resulting in up to 25% efficiency improvement
  • Lower energy bills - by improved pumping plans, resulting the potential to reduce energy costs by up to 20%
  • Reduce water loss - through better management tools to monitor and optimize water pressure, resulting in up to a 15% reduction of leakage
  • Ensure safer water - with visibility tools to better monitor water age and potential pollutants, helping to achieve up to a 20% reduction of CO2
  • Improve customer service - through reduced interruption times and improved communications

Customers can purchase this software directly from Schneider Electric or through channel partners. However, only certified System Integrators are allowed to implement Aquis projects. All System Integrators are required to pass the Partner Certification Program (PCP) for Aquis.

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SOURCE: Schneider Electric