News | March 8, 2013

Sauereisen Introduces New SewerGard™ Industrial

Source: Sauereisen, Inc.

Chemically resistant novolac additions made to the SewerGard family of products 

Sauereisen introduces the new SewerGard Industrial product line: SewerGard Epoxy NovolaK Coating No. 210GN, Sprayable NovolaK No. 210 SN and Trowelable NovolaK No. 210TN. Each of these new SewerGard coating and lining products are used to protect concrete and/or steel from chemical attack for the industrial wastewater market.

“The new additions to the SewerGard product line work as an economical barrier to corrosive environments, ensuring a long term fix that will prevent future costs,” said Kyle de Bruyn, Sauereisen’s Material Scientist. “Each product is unique in its ability to withstand damaging processing chemicals and industrial wastewater, and stand up to high temperatures that would typically cause severe deterioration.”

SewerGard Industrial No. 210GN, No. 210SN and No. 210TN may be used in many kinds of aggressive industrial wastewater environments, such as oil refineries, food processing plants, power generation facilities, mining operations and pulp & paper plants.

SewerGard Industrial No. 210GN is specifically designed to resist strong acid environments, including 98 percent sulfuric acid. The coating is designed to protect concrete and steel from chemical attack, typically found in industrial wastewater systems. It is specifically formulated as a sealer to resist strong oxidizing environments. SewerGard Industrial No. 210GN can be applied by spray or roller and has excellent resistance to high concentrations of sulfuric acid.

SewerGard Industrial No. 210SN is applied by spray and provides a protective barrier resistant to thermal shock in cooler environments and is resistant to high temperatures.  The interlocking fiber matrix of No. 210SN systems exhibit outstanding flexural strengths and ultra-low permeability.

SewerGard Industrial No. 210TN prohibits water infiltration and is suitable for application over damp or dry concrete surfaces. Its trowelable, nonsagging consistency ensures ease of application on vertical and overhead surfaces.

About Sauereisen
Established in 1899, Sauereisen is a third-generation manufacturer that provides worldwide product distribution of corrosion-resistant materials.  The company is dedicated to establishing expertise in the prevention of corrosion and the restoration of structures affected by it. Sauereisen coatings and linings are commonly specified within the aggressive environments of the wastewater, power, food processing and chemical industries. For more information, visit

Source: Sauereisen, Inc.