Brochure | August 30, 2015

Sanitaire Aeration Products Brochure

Source: Sanitaire -- A Xylem Brand
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Stricter environmental regulations and rising energy costs are forcing wastewater treatment plants to ensure wastewater discharge compliance and at the same time make operations more energy efficient. One of the main areas for environmental and cost savings lies just below the surface of your biological tanks.

Uncover submerged energy savings
Aeration systems today represent an estimated 30 to 70 percent of the total energy costs at a typical wastewater treatment plant. By making your plant’s biological treatment processes more efficient, you can realize big energy savings and lower your operating costs.

Reliable cost-effective aeration solutions
Proven reliable for more than 40 years, comprehensive aeration solutions from Sanitaire and Flygt meet virtually every need and operating condition. From fine-bubble diffusers complete with framework, piping, supports and energy-saving blowers to coarse-bubble diffusers and stand-alone mechanical aerators, our aeration systems reduce both your capital expenditures and operating and maintenance costs. Plus they are backed by precise monitoring and control systems.

Optimizing your aeration processes
Although we offer the best aeration equipment, equipment isn’t everything. Competence is. Our engineers put more than four decades of expertise and a true passion for high oxygen transfer to work to ensure environmentally sound operations at your plant. So everything you need to know about improving your aeration processes is available through a single and reliable partner.