SANILEC® Seawater Electrochlorination Systems

Source: De Nora

For more than 35 years, De Nora Water Technologies has offered seawater electrochlorination systems to economically and safely produce a powerful biocide and disinfecting agent for marine, offshore and industrial applications. De Nora Water Technologies is the world leader in the supply of equipment for seawater electrochlorination with more than 400 installations in 60 countries, producing more than 1.3 million kilograms per day of sodium hypochlorite from seawater and representing more than 65% percent of the world capacity for this type of technology.

The SANILEC® and SEACLOR® seawater electrochlorination systems use a simple and straight forward electrochlorination process, combining two common consumables (seawater and electricity) to generate a disinfecting agent. Seawater electrochlorination eliminates the storage, handling and purchase of hazardous chemicals.