SANILEC® 6 Portable Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

Source: De Nora

De Nora Water Technologies’ SANILEC® 6 system generates sodium hypochlorite wherever and whenever disinfection is required. These lightweight, extremely portable systems are designed for use in rural or isolated locations where water purification, waste treatment or surface disinfection is required. SANILEC 6 systems are ideal for use in areas where chemical storage creates a risk or in areas where other disinfectant chemicals are in short supply.

Using a proprietary electrolytic technology, the SANILEC 6 can produce up to 6.6 pounds (3kg) per day of equivalent chlorine as sodium hypochlorite at a concentration of 5 gm/L. These units are easy to operate, require no special operator training and maintenance is minimal. The SANILEC 6 system eliminates the need to transport, store and handle dangerous chlorine liquid/gas or concentrated hypochlorite solutions, which degrade rapidly in storage.