News | January 10, 2011

Sanderson Farms Exec Says Chicken Slaughterhouse Will Tap 1.5 Million Gallons From Well Water In Nash County

Citizens Demand Full Inquiry from County and State Authorities

Bailey, NC /PRNewswire/ -- Members of the Nash County Landowners Association are calling on state and county authorities to verify recent comments from a Sanderson Farms executive announcing company plans to utilize well water to operate their proposed chicken slaughterhouse near Bailey. "We are extremely alarmed about the comment, much less the idea," said Con Ward Co-Chairman of the Nash County Landowners Association (NCLA).

"Pulling 1.5 million gallons a day from the aquifer while 58 percent of the state is classified as in a drought, including Nash and Wilson counties, is irresponsible," said Mr. Ward. "This is the type of irresponsible leadership we are seeing from the company and some county officials. It's really beginning to become a big issue for a lot of people," said Mr. Ward.

"I don't understand how you can drill 50 wells to provide water for the facility without it impacting other residents who get their drinking water from wells," said Bert Daniel, Co-Chair of the NCLA. "We want the truth and we want honesty. Since November, we have not received an ounce of transparency from Sanderson and our elected officials. We want answers," he added.

"The State Department of Environment and Natural Resources need to step up to the plate. They need to fully investigate these comments and work on developing a plan to execute a complete environmental impact report on this proposal," said Mr. Daniel.

"We are not opposed to Sanderson Farms. We are opposed to this proposed site because of the negative impact it will have on our water supply and watersheds," said Mr. Daniel. "There are better sites that can fully accommodate Sanderson Farms."

Meanwhile, City of Wilson officials have pledged a full engagement to oppose the Sanderson Farms chicken slaughterhouse noting the spray fields cited by Sanderson's CFO are located in drinking supply watersheds. "Two water sheds and river basins will be impacted by this facility. We need the state to conduct a thorough environmental impact study before we even proceed any further," said Mr. Grant Goings, Wilson City Manager.

The citizens group says they will be proceeding with legal action against Sanderson Farms noting the company has been less that straightforward in dealing with the local residents.

SOURCE Nash County Landowners Association

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