San Francisco Treat: An Insider's Look At Infrastructure Renewal


As the program director for a $6.9-billion initiative at one of America’s foremost cities, Karen Kubick has a lot on her plate. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is upgrading the city and county’s wastewater system to “bring it forward for the challenges of the future and challenges of today,” says Kubick, and doing so in a progressive manner.

“We utilize the triple bottom line when we're comparing different project alternatives,” explains Kubick. “We will compare them looking at social, economic, and environmental methods.”

Said another way, the triple bottom line considers the three Ps — people, profit, and planet. SFPUC is progressive in other areas as well…

“We even have our own app so people can be informed about water quality at our local beaches. …We’re over the top in terms of looking at new technology, new ways to do things better.”

Learn how the City by the Bay is rebuilding its sewer system and stormwater management program using the latest and greatest tools at their disposal; tune into the Water Online Radio interview below.

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