News | November 10, 2015

RWL Water's Nirobox™ To Provide Seawater Desalination For Resort In Santa Cruz, Costa Rica

Source: Fluence

RWL Water was chosen to supply two Nirobox seawater desalination units to Reserva Conchal, one of the finest and most exclusive resorts and golf courses on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The company’s goal is to diminish usage of the local aquifer, the current source for irrigation and drinking water, and to increase water availability for the communities in the area. Desalinated potable water will then be supplied to the surrounding area of hotels, golf courses and other commercial real estate.

The two Nirobox units, with a capacity of 500 m3/day (or 132,100 GPD) each, will deliver 1,000 m3/day (or 264,200 GPD). The potable water delivered will comply with, and exceed, quality standards set by WHO as well as the Costa Rican Government.

Each Nirobox is equipped with disc filters, Ultrafiltration (UF) and Reverse Osmosis (RO), along with all the ancillary systems such as MCC, HMI, PLC and Clean in Place (CIP). With the Nirobox, RWL Water meets Reserva Conchal’s spatial, environmental and timing requirements.

About RWL Water
RWL Water has been working jointly with Reserva Conchal for over a year to develop this project. RWL Water was selected because of its reputation for reliability and its unique solution, the Nirobox. “The Nirobox is the most innovative, cost-effective containerized desalination solution in the market and we are excited to share it with Reserva Conchal of Santa Cruz, Costa Rica,” said Philippe Laval, Chief Operating Officer of RWL Water, Global Operations.

Source: Fluence