Brochure | February 7, 2018

Rotoshear® PF Fine Screen: Reliable Rotoshear® Design With Fine Perforated Screening

Source: Parkson Corporation

Parkson extends its family of reliable screens with a new fine rotary drum screen. Screen openings can be 1mm - 3mm with perforated plate. The Rotoshear® PF screen uses the same proven construction and operation that have made the Rotoshear® line the choice for municipal and industrial applications with high flows, surges and solids loading.


  • Sturdy – long life, low maintenance
  • Headbox design easily handles flow variations and surges
  • Low horsepower, energy-efficient operation keeps operation costs low
  • Water spray bars clean screen surface automatically
  • Screen elements are fabricated in sections to make change-out easy
  • Replaceable screen elements make screen opening changes inexpensive
  • Fully enclosed for safety and containment of liquids
  • Provides ideal, no bypass protection for MBR Systems