Rotamat RPPS Centerfeed Drum Screen

Source: Huber Technology, Inc.


The Rotamat® family of products has been the backbone of Huber Technology’s explosive growth in wastewater equipment worldwide from the very beginning. The heart of the idea has been the ability to create a reliable fine screen that provides screening, conveyance, washing, and compacting all combined into one robust and simple machine. Each of the versions of the Rotamat® screens is a Huber original design.

Substantial resources have and continue to be exercised by Huber to continually improve the technology in response to real world environments to refine the machine to deliver on performance and reliability. The RPPS Centerfeed Drum Screen heritage is firmly rooted in the Rotamat® line and represents the current State-of-Art for the centerfeed drum type screen in the industry.

As downstream wastewater treatment processes become more complex and expensive, the need to protect these systems becomes critical. The days when a competing screen manufacture can simply copy what they think they understand has become a huge liability to the owner and operator of the plant. Trying to cut capital expenditure on screens for the sake of low dollar, at the cost of experience, performance, and reliability is foolish and short sighted. This is especially poignant when the technology downstream is exponentially more costly in capital investment then the screen investment. It is not the place to value engineer.