News | April 5, 2017

Risk-Averse Engineers Create Pumps That Perform Perfectly Even In Extreme Conditions

In 1990, a migrant German engineer established a small firm called Pumps and Services Australia. They developed numerous innovative hydraulic and vacuum solutions for clients in Australia and overseas in many industries, including mining, manufacturing and water. They would also create a vacuum pump system for transporting fish from ships to the wharf at the world-famous Geraldton Fish Market that is still in use today.

That small company is now called Pump Solutions Australasia. Today, they focus on importing and servicing pumps from the foremost manufacturers in the world. However, they are still fully aware of their roots. They know the best engineering provides the best solutions. They also know which manufacturers have the best engineering.

Engineering, Pumps and the Typical Manufacturer
While engineering means everything to Pump Solutions Australasia, it is only one part of the manufacturing process. In a world perfect for engineers, every product that comes off the line would be just as the engineer intended it to be. In the real world, it usually doesn’t happen that way.

Engineers are risk averse by nature. They don’t want to take chances. To an engineer, creating a product is a binary process. It either works or it doesn’t work. There is no “grey area.” The engineer creates a design for a specific purpose. He then creates measurements and specific parts out of specific materials to fit the design and do the job perfectly. Engineers don’t take chances because they want their products to work every time, all the time, even in adverse conditions

Sadly, engineers aren’t always listened to. Accountants want the product to cost less. Marketers want it to come to market quickly. Meanwhile, industry requirements may be changing too, requiring higher extremes of temperatures or more pressure.

Designs are sent back to engineers with suggestions for adjustments designed to save time and/or money for the company. Engineers have to decide whether to loosen some of the precise tolerances they created or whether to say “no.”

Many manufacturers do take shortcuts. They create perfect products and then back them down to a less than perfect model to save money or put a product out to market faster.

At Pump Solutions Australasia, this is unacceptable. According to owner Mike Hurlbatt:

“We may have a different name now, but we have never forgotten that we are a company that was built by providing engineering-based solutions. And that is why we only import pumps from manufacturers who have developed worldwide reputations based on their engineering. Our clients want solutions, not excuses. The best way for us to provide solutions is to make sure they are receiving pumps that are engineered and manufactured to exacting specifications so they can provide consistent, reliable performance. We simply won’t accept anything less and we don’t expect our customers to, either.”

About Pump Solutions
Pump Solutions Australasia import pumps from the finest manufacturers in the world into Australia. They are known for importing only pumps that are the best in their category for reliability, efficiency and long shelf life. They handle any size pumps from small submersible pumps to large, industrial pumping systems such as wastewater plants. For more information, visit