Replacing The Traditional Use Of Chlorine As A Disinfectant


Steve Day, Marketing and Product Management Director with Calgon Carbon UV Technologies sat down with Water Online Radio to talk about his company, and UV technology.

Calgon Carbon did a lot of work in advanced oxidation, and then, in the late nineties was very successful in potable water disinfection. Calgon Carbon’s UV Technology unit has been around for more than 30 years, and they offer four major products or applications that all utilize UV technology:

  1. Disinfection for potable water, with the Sentinel line of UV reactors, which are widely deployed all over the world.
  2. Disinfection for wastewater and reuse, with the C3 Series for wastewater
  3. Rayox, which is an integrated system used exclusively for UV Advanced Oxidation
  4. Filtration and UV reactors for the ballast water treatment business, which is designed to stop the spread of invasive species that occurs from port-to-port (this goes to market as Hyde Marine).

The C3 product for wastewater and reuse came a little later in the business, but can be used to replace or reduce the traditional use of chlorine as a disinfectant. Day said, “That really came to market about ten years ago. For reuse, the C3 Series has been specifically designed for reuse, but what's important in that area is the California Department of Health Title XXII Certification. The product has that. We have low pressure, high output lamps. We have the most powerful lamp in a parallel configuration. The other innovation that we have on the C3 series is there is a device on the racks. It's very simple, but it's very effective. We call them Delta Wings, and what the Delta Wings do is create a vortex in the water.”

“What you want to do in UV is efficiently get the UV light evenly to every molecule of water. What this does is create a spinning vortex effect to move the water around the lamps to get very good germicidal efficiency and very good hydraulic efficiency. That's been a great product for a great growth product.”

To hear the full interview to learn more, including what buyers should be looking for when they start selecting UV Disinfection technology.