Article | February 9, 2022

Register Today For The Newterra Webinar: New Options & Opportunities In Decentralized Wastewater Treatment


Friday, February 25th - 1:00 PM EDT


Decentralized systems are expanding options for municipalities, developers, and engineers to support high-quality wastewater treatment in locales that can’t sustain conventional septic systems or make it too costly to build or access centralized wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) or water reuse facilities.

Please join us as we discuss how Pre-Engineered and Configurable packaged WWTPs based on established technologies proven over the past 20 years make it easier for municipalities and commercial property owners to address a variety of public health, environmental, community growth, and economic concerns:

  • Supporting Development Opportunities.
  • Retrofitting Aging Infrastructure.
  • Providing Remote Coverage.
  • Enabling Water Reuse.