Article | February 9, 2022

Register Today For The Newterra Webinar: A Unique Approach To The Traditional SBR: The Argos SBR


Tuesday, March 1st - 2:00 PM EDT

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We would like to invite you to Register for our upcoming Webinar to discuss how the Argos® SBR is expanding options and opportunities for wastewater treatment.

Ideal for municipal or industrial applications, the Argos® SBR is comprised of the award-winning Aire-O Triton® aerator/mixer and a proven fixed decanter design, along with advanced controls and monitoring systems.


  • Significant capital & maintenance savings over traditional SBRs
  • Inspection & maintenance can be performed without draining the basin
  • Reduced footprint with no need for additional buildings or enclosures

Our customers needed a better SBR, and so we took our forty years of wastewater experience and built the most reliable, proven, eco-friendly surface-mounted process aerator in the world.

All phases of treatment occur in a single basin utilizing the Argos® batch treatment operating strategy. The Triton mixes during the mixed fill phase then adds aeration into the mix for the react fill and react phases. The operating strategy is time-based with level override for meeting enhanced biological nutrient removal (BNR) requirements for low total nitrogen and phosphorus.