Case Study

Refusing To Get Rusty As HP PROTECTUS® III Stands Up To Ocean Air

Source: Neptune Technology Group Inc.

The City of Pompano Beach is a growing city of more than 101,000 residents. It is located in Broward County, along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean just north of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and centrally located along the famous Gold Coast. The City is named for the Pompano, a species of fish which swims abundantly in the area’s warm Atlantic waters.

Pompano officially merged with the beach area to its east in 1947 to become the City of Pompano Beach. Today it is home to tourism, light manufacturing, retail, and high technology industries. Over three miles of white pristine beaches, combined with an abundance of some of the world’s most beautiful and challenging links just minutes away, make it easy to see why thousands of visitors flock to the area annually. Among the city’s other attractions is the Pompano Beach Amphitheatre, an open-air venue which has served as host site for numerous outdoor concerts. Also in town is the Goodyear Blimp Base, home of the famous airship and one of only four such bases in the world.