News | February 15, 2008

REDO Water Systems Introduces New REDO Mobile Water Treatment Stations


REDO® Compact Water Treatment Stations are the perfect solution for infrastructural problems and disaster management.

Groß-Zimmern, Germany — REDO Water Systems Germany introduces its new Mobile Treatment Stations, Type REDO®mdu 10s and 15s, to the market. The REDO®mobile concept now offers a wider range of compact treatment plants that can be installed in almost every place without the need for costly infrastructural development.

Compact Treatment Systems are available with or without filtration stages. Treatment and Disinfection Capacities range from 80.000 to 300.000 Litres a day.

Ready to work within a couple of hours, totally save and easy in use and based on the award winning REDO® Technology. The new fully mobile solutions, Version 6.0, pre-mounted on trailers or trucks, are the perfect solution for disaster and emergency scenarios.

REDO® compact treatment plants and mobile units are equipped with single or double filtration stage based on sand and activated carbon. The Disinfection Unit includes standard connections for input (raw water) and output (treated water), flow meter, softener, dosing pump and electronic measuring equipment (if required). The systems are pre-mounted on standard pallets for easy and fast set-up and transportation. All Systems can be supplemented with power generator (fuel or diesel) and a powerful pumping stage.

REDO®'s Compact Designs today solve many problems around the world.

REDO® Water Systems has vast experiences in supplying Turn-Key Treatment Solutions around the world. REDO® compact treatment and mobile systems provide people in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Somalia, Mexico and other countries with safe potable water every day. The REDO®mobile solutions solved many problems during the Tsunami disaster and our compact treatment plants are currently used in areas with poor infrastructure, in small municipalities, children's villages or refugee camps in more than 10 different countries.

SOURCE: REDO Water Systems GmbH