News | April 13, 2020

Ragging Problems? Fortunately, We Have An Innovative Solution


Amidst the pandemic fears, toilet paper has become scarce in some communities, which may lead to more people using ‘flushable’ wipes. This can lead to an increase in a phenomenon known as “Ragging”, which is the fouling of pump impellers. This problem consumes thousands of hours of maintenance time in sewage pumping stations and wastewater treatment plants around the world.

Rags clump together and get tangled on propellers, and the motor works harder to run. This increases the amp draw and at times, burns out the motor. If they have overloads set correctly so the motors shut off instead of burning out, then they must shut down the units and go out into the pond or bring units to shore to clean off the rags. Other items can clog as well; bags and strings can cause similar issues.

Fortunately, the innovative engineers at Aeration Industries have worked hard to create a solution. Our anti-fouling props won’t get clogged with these troublesome items. Antifouling propellers are such that the geometry of the blade allows debris to “slough” off when in operation.  A normal propeller is more likely to allow debris to wrap around the blades. Recently, we’ve expanded our horsepower offering to include smaller sizes as well. The knowledgeable sales team at our Chaska office is expert in assisting you to find your solution.  For more information, visit for more information.

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Source: Newterra, Ltd.