QLF Series In-Line Ultrasonic Flow Meters For Low Viscosity Low Flow Rate Applications

Source: FTI Flow Technology, Inc.

The QLF Series in line ultrasonic flow meter has been specifically designed for low flow rate applications that require excellent accuracy & reliability. The compact QLF Series has no moving parts, non-wetted sensors and no obstructions in the flow stream to cause an increase in pressure drop; this results in a very rugged, reliable and accurate flow meter. High accuracy & repeatability is achieved through the unique measurement section within the flow meter where the flow is conditioned and delta T is measured along the axis of the flow meter. The small footprint, lightweight device is ideal for low viscosity liquid applications including water, water-based products, oils, and its all plastic construction makes it the meter of choice for many corrosive fluids.


  • High accuracy
  • 3500:1 turndown
  • Minimum flow 0.001 gpm
  • No moving parts
  • Compact & lightweight design
  • Low pressure drop
  • All plastic construction