News | May 17, 2001

PWT receives ANSI/NSF Std. 60 compliance approval for SpectraGuard and SpectraGuard SC

Professional Water Technologies, Inc. (PWT, Inc.) in Escondido, CA announced today the approval of its high-performance antiscalants SpectraGuard and SpectraGuard Super-Concentrate according to ANSI/NSF Standard 60 requirements. The approval confirms that the products may be used in potable applications without adverse health effects.

"The new approvals make it easy for municipalities and potable water facilities to use our unique antiscalant technology," says Stephen Dunham, PWT's President/CEO. "Most antiscalants merely modify inorganic crystal growth but PWT's products control inorganics before crystals form. By controlling inorganics more efficiently, membrane cleaning requirements may be reduced. This is a significant benefit for potable water applications."

PWT's approvals are an important development for both PWT and the RO industry at large. SpectraGuard SC is the only super-concentrated antiscalant formulation, which saves 90% on shipping/handling compared to standard pretreatment products. Also, none of PWT's pretreatments contains phosphates so they do not contribute to biological growth and are more environmentally friendly.

To view a demonstration of how PWT's products control membrane scaling, visit the company's website at

Professional Water Technologies, Inc. (PWT, Inc.) develops, manufactures, and sells an exclusive line of powder and super-concentrated liquid RO pretreatment and membrane maintenance chemicals. For more information, contact the company on the web at, by e-mail at, by phone at 800-914-9072 or 760-741-7404, or by fax at 760-741-5645.

Source: Professional Water Technologies

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