News | March 1, 2017

Purafil Launches The OnGuard Lite, Adding To Their Active Corrosion Monitoring Product Line


Purafil is excited to announce the launch of the OnGuard Lite, adding to Purafil's Active Corrosion Monitoring family of products.

Purafil is launching their new Active Corrosion Monitoring product, the OnGuard Lite, to support a need to test the air quality of server rooms, rack rooms, control rooms, motor control centers, and more without waiting for a laboratory test. The OnGuard Lite uses a silver sensor and has a simple pass or fail result that shortens the time for discovering a corrosion problem versus a traditional Corrosion Coupon, which requires a laboratory analysis.

The OnGuard Lite is easy to install with its simple peel and stick backing and its compact design make it easy to place in the area it is needed. Once the battery tab is removed, the OnGuard Lite’s LED indicator light will flash green. If there is too much corrosive gas in the environment, then the LED indicator light will flash red. The OnGuard Lite has a six-month life. If the LED indicator light stays green during the six-month life, then the environment is classified as G1 and does not have a corrosive gas contaminate problem.

The OnGuard Lite is now available. Purafil is ready to help each customer determine if the new OnGuard Lite is the right product for their facility. Learn more about the OnGuard Lite at

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About Purafil
Purafil is the industry leader in gas-phase filtration to provide world-class air quality solutions. Our expertise and best-in-class research practices allow us to develop revolutionary products for the purposes of: corrosion control, indoor air quality and energy conservation, odor control, pathogen removal, and toxic gas scrubbing.

SOURCE: Purafil