Pulsar™ R96 Radar

Source: Magnetrol International


The Pulsar™ Model R96 Non-Contact Radar transmitter for accurate, reliable level control in process applications. Virtually unaffected by the presence of vapors or air movement within a vessel’s free space, the two-wire, loop-powered, 6 GHz Radar transmitter measures a wide variety of liquid media in process conditions ranging from calm product surfaces and water-based media to turbulent surfaces and aggressive hydrocarbon media.

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The Model R96:

  • Exhibits best-in-class accurate and reliable level measurement
  • Offers a 130-foot (40-meter) measurement range
  • Offers advanced diagnostics with automatic waveform capture
  • Offers a new, powerful DTM
  • Has no moving parts and requires no calibration
  • Offers HART® and FOUNDATION fieldbus™ digital output

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