News | June 10, 2014

Protective Landia Chopper Pump Is The Daddy At Benton

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At the Benton Utilities Wastewater Treatment Plant near Little Rock in Arkansas, a tough new Landia EradiGator Chopper Pump is ensuring that grease and scum are continuously churned up to prevent other smaller pumps in the process from blocking.

The recirculating chopper pump was supplied by Landia with a custom-built bracket to fit into the bottom of a square tapered scum pit at Benton, where the scum pit receives skimmed-off wastewater from the plant’s clarifies.

Jonathan Buff, Manager of Benton Utilities Wastewater Treatment Plant, commented: “We’re really using the Landia Chopper Pump more as a mixer so that a layer of scum can’t build up and block the existing smaller pumps we have on our rail system. Either way, it’s very effective”.

He added: “Previously, we did experience problems with blocked pumps, especially because we are working with just a 3-inch line. But the Landia Chopper Pump keeps everything churned up and on the move, with no problems for our existing units, which can now send the mixed scum to our digesters with no breakdowns or downtime”.

Landia’s EradiGator chopper pumps are widely used in lift stations and scum pits for mixing and macerating debris and grease, in order to prevent clogging of pumps and piping.

SOURCE: Landia, Inc.