Article | July 17, 2017

Protecting Pressure Sewer Investments With Longer Pump Warranties

Source: Orenco Systems, Inc.

More long-term data is available than ever before to help wastewater designers and engineers make accurate estimates of up-front costs and life-cycle costs associated with pressure sewer systems. In addition, incorporating extended equipment warranties into project evaluations, specifications, and contract documents is a pivotal tool to help decision makers reveal the true, long-term equipment costs of various sewer system technologies.

Pressure sewer and gravity sewer systems are typically designed to operate for thirty or more years. Over time, the long-term costs of equipment repair and replacement (R&R), electrical consumption, labor, and other operation and maintenance (O&M) expenditures can dwarf a system’s up-front capital expenditures. So the total estimated costs over at least a 20-year period need to be accurately evaluated to provide realistic cost figures.