News | January 21, 2014

Primozone Receives Additional Funding For Building A Mobile Pilot Ozone System For Treatment Of Textile Wastewater

The Swedish ozone generator supplier, Primozone, has been awarded further more funding. This time for a project for removal of dye and harmful substances from wastewater from the textile industry. The project has been funded by Tillväxtverket – the Swedish agency for economical and regional growth.

Primozone has received funding to build a mobile pilot scale ozone system for installation on textile industry sites around the world.

“The aim is to find about 10 textile dyeing plants where we can install our pilot system” says Arash Golshenas, Head of R&D at Primozone. “Proving our concept on several different locations is important – the water and the pollutions can have very different characteristic and we want to find out what works best on each site”.

To further lessen the environmental impact of the pilot installations the aim is to build a very compact system that is mobile and easy to transport from location to location.

Studies show that ozone is both an efficient an environmentally friendly way to remove dye and harmful substances from textile wastewater. Today a variety of techniques are used to try to treat the textile wastewater. It is often done using chemicals and other substances harmful to the environment.

Textile companies are facing new legal demands as well as demands from customer to have an environmentally friendly dyeing process. Cleaning the wastewater with ozone is an efficient way to reduce its environmental foot-print and to be able to reuse the wastewater.

Wastewater reuse in the textile industry has proven to be economically favorable as raw water is a scarce resource and very expensive in many of the textile producing countries. Examples in Turkey show that the cost of reused water is 95% lower than the cost of using raw water.

“This is the second project that we have been awarded funding for and of course it is recognition of our technology and knowledge in designing water treatment solutions for different applications”, says Anders Schening, CEO at Primozone. “The textile industry is huge and it is facing growing environmental requirements both from the market and from legislators. Our aim is to grow with the market and become world leaders in textile wastewater treatment”.

SOURCE: Primozone