Case Study

Power Reduction & Energy Savings By Taking DAF Offline

Source: ClearBlu Environmental

Castoro Cellars had drastically increased production, however had not upgraded the treatment system to match production levels. The existing system included a very costly and complex DAF unit in addition to pond aeration. The system required that Castoro have a full time operator and it consumed approximately $5,000 worth of coagulant per month. In addition, Castoro had to dispose of the sludge waste. The pond was also producing quite a bit of odor.

ClearBlu took the DAF offline, which eliminated its large blower system and the expensive coagulant and replaced the pond aerators with low energy UltraFine Bubble surface aerators. Taking the DAF offline also negated the need for an operator. The upgraded treatment system improved the overall treatment of Castoro’s wastewater, and significantly helped with odor control.