News | September 25, 2018

PolyCera Membranes Expands Product Portfolio With New Ultrafiltration Products And Nanofiltration Elements

Growing Portfolio Features Highly Differentiated Offerings for Array of Focused Applications

PolyCera, Inc., which designs and manufactures innovative membrane technology solutions serving the global water, wastewater and process separation markets, will unveil eight new membrane products at WEFTEC2018, which takes place September 30-October 3 at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center.

The company, which is exhibiting at booth #3341, is significantly expanding its family of Titan and Hydro ultrafiltration products including:

  • Titan 40 Ultra High Flow (UHF) and Hydro 40 UHF. All of PolyCera’s products with the new 40 mil spacer generate 52% more flow capacity packed into the same 8040 Spiral Monolith Element design, resulting in lower capital cost.
  • Titan 90 High Solids (HS) and Hydro 90 HS for higher solids handling than the original Titan and Hydro 80 HS products. These elements feature large open channels that create a Spiral Monolith element that is similar to tubular membrane filtration.
  • Titan 120 Ultra-High Solids (UHS) and Hydro 120 UHS, with 120 mil spacer with the largest channel opening.
  • Titan Offshore UHF modules with 52% more flow capacity, specifically designed for the upstream offshore oil & gas sector with high temperature (up to 90°C / 194°F) and high oil compatibility features.

In addition, PolyCera will introduce its new nanofiltration element, Titan 28 HF, at the show. Initially designed for chemical-free color and dye removal, Titan NF can also be used for removal of high strength organic contaminants. PolyCera is now seeking Beta field trial sites for its 4-inch diameter NF membrane.

“We are very pleased to showcase our robust and growing product line that features a suite of highly differentiated, high-performance offerings for a wide array of applications. In particular, we are pleased to introduce our new NF element three months ahead of schedule – made possible by the work done by our incredible team – and look forward to establishing Beta field trial sites with the connections we make at WEFTEC,” said Simon Marshall, President and CEO of PolyCera, Inc.

Engineered with Nobel Prize winning chemistry, PolyCera membranes are setting new standards in performance and lower total cost of ownership. Made of a revolutionary organic metal material with superior anti-fouling properties, PolyCera membranes are intrinsically hydrophilic, oil resistant and highly chlorine tolerant (up to 1000 ppm instantaneous with cumulative 100,000 ppm-hours). PolyCera’s proprietary Spiral Monolith module enables dead-end (low-energy) or cross-flow (high-fouling) operation combined with hydraulic backwashing, maximizing process uptime and water recovery and minimizing energy and operating cost.

About PolyCera, Inc.

PolyCera, Inc., designs and manufactures innovative membrane technology solutions serving the global water, wastewater and process separation markets, setting new standards in performance and total cost of ownership through the reduction of OpEx and CapEx. Engineered with Nobel Prize winning chemistry, PolyCera membranes are made with organic metals. The unique properties of this material enable production of robust membranes with high permeability, rejection, fouling tolerance and a higher operating temperature range. PolyCera membranes are oleophobic, hydrophilic, and fully back-washable, reducing downtime for chemical cleaning while minimizing the need for chemicals and labor. PolyCera membranes are manufactured using conventional production techniques and can be delivered in all standard form factors for conventional cross-flow systems and are fully adaptable for retrofits or new build systems. For more information, visit

SOURCE: PolyCera, Inc.