News | June 29, 2010

Point Of Entry UV Water Disinfection Will Fly On Boeing's New 787 Dreamliners

As recently as October last fall, the US Environmental Protection Agency published its updated Final Drinking Water Rule for water safety standards on commercial aircraft to help ensure that safe and reliable drinking water is provided to aircraft passengers and crew. The rule requires multiple-barrier protection through standards for coliform sampling, best management practices, corrective action, public notification, monitoring and operator training. It will better protect the public from illnesses caused by microbiological contamination.

"This rule is a significant step forward in protecting people's health when they travel," said Peter S. Silva, assistant administrator for EPA's Office of Water.

Boeing is a step ahead. When they conceived the 787 Dreamliner as the new standard of 21st century aircraft design, long before current concern for water quality on board commercial airliners, Boeing's engineers incorporated new technologies that would change the way we fly, including point of entry UV water purification on every 787.

Boeing worked with Zodiac Aerospace's Monogram Systems division to develop an innovative water treatment system for purification of Aircraft water.

Monogram Systems began a global search for the most advanced UV water purification technology that led to a technology licensing agreement with UV Pure Technologies of Toronto for exclusive use of it's patented Crossfire Technology in aerospace applications.

Rick VanSant, CEO of UV Pure Technologies said, "Crossfire Technology is at work in our systems in over 9000 applications globally. It represents significant engineering and performance advances for UV based water purification systems – we are honoured that Boeing and Monogram have chosen our 21st century UV technology to provide safe water on board the Dreamliner –the new 21st century standard for airliners. We think it's a perfect fit."

According to Gene Zip, Vice President of Sales and Support for Monogram Systems, "Monogram Systems consistently leads the industry in fusing design and innovation and producing the most reliable Cabin system equipment. There is a Monogram Systems product on-board nearly every western commercial aircraft flying in the world today."

Monogram engineers worked with UV Pure's engineers to adapt the land based technology to an aerospace platform and certify it to FAA standards.

The systems are smart with multiple sensors that enable a display on the airplane's "glass cockpit" so that the pilots can tell that the plane's water is effectively disinfected. In addition to adapting communications protocols so that the system's smart technology and multiple sensors can tie into aircraft displays, Monogram had to adapt it for high G forces and vibration in four dimensions. UV Pure's systems use low pressure high output lamps and the new aircraft ballast that powers those lamps was adapted to work with "wild power" typically found on commercial aircraft.

The product is completely self-contained, requiring only electrical power and standard water connections. Utilizing high intensity ultra-violet light, the treatment device kills over 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses found in common water sources. The device can be used to clean water as it enters the Aircraft, or, to continuously clean water as it is circulating throughout the cabin of the Aircraft, providing safe drinking water to the passengers and crew. The product has several unique proprietary innovations that allow the Airplane operator to remotely monitor performance.

Monogram Systems is a multi-dimensional supplier of cabin systems and equipment to the aerospace industry, managing programs from development to certification and in-service support.

The company has been successfully managing large and complex water and waste systems for aircraft such as the A380, B787 and Embraer 170/190. Monogram is also an experienced component & systems supplier for commuter/executive aircraft programs.

UV Pure Technologies develops and manufactures technically advanced, world leading UV water purification systems for residential, commercial, and municipal applications up to 1 MGD flow rates for drinking water and waste water treatment.

The company's patented Crossfire Technology offers easy lamp changes and visual quartz inspection, is self-cleaning and smart - with multiple sensors and on-board diagnostics. All systems provide a minimum dose of 40 mJ/cm2.

UV Pure markets three product lines:

Hallett systems are NSF/ANSI 55 Class A certified, and Upstream systems that are engineered to achieve the same performance standards as NSF 55 Class A for use where regulations do not require it, and for UVT levels as low as 50%.

The company has recently launched Cactus systems that are designed and priced for residential applications.

SOURCE: US Environmental Protection Agency