PMSL's PSA Series - Aerators & Mixers

Source: Philadelphia Mixing Solutions

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions has specifically designed the PSA withstand heavy-duty loads
A Longer Lifetime with Maximum Efficiency

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions has specifically designed the PSA withstand heavy-duty loads. You are assured of a dependable mixer drive. Built for maximum life at the highest efficiency, and backed by our more than 50 years experience.

PSA series aerator/mixers construction features:

  • Housing
    Stress-relieved, reinforced, fabricated steel. Withstand all static and dynamic loading from operation. Noise levels are well within current OSHA noise standards.
  • Gearing
    Gearing features longer gear life. Greater load-carrying capacity & all gearing meets or exceeds AGMA Quality 10 Levels.
  • Bearings
    Anti-friction, tapered roller bearings are of the highest quality. Minimum AFBMA L-10 Life of 100,000 hours for all design speeds and horsepower's.
  • Shaft
    Large diameter output shafts assure trouble-free operation. No worry about steady bearings. Drywell construction is provided to eliminate oil leakage down the output shaft.
  • Lubrication
    Gears immersed in oil. Splash lubrication to all rotating parts. A bull's-eye gauge for quick checking of the oil level.
  • Motors
    Motors are mounted vertically for a compact design High-speed shaft for high-speed coupling alignment.
  • Configurations
    The PSA series is available in two shaft options: solid (PSA-S) and hollow-quill (PSA-Q). The solid-shaft version features an oversized output shaft and heavy-duty bearings, all designed for the most vigorous duty. The hollow-quill shaft version uses an independently supported output shaft separately mounted on its own bearings. The shaft is connected to the drive quill by a torsionally resilient coupling. Coupling isolates drive gears and bearings from unbalanced fluid forces. Our PSA's are available in triple reduction and right angle configurations.