Piping Gets ‘Disruptive' With New Tech


“Success in this age depends not on what has worked in the past but on embracing new transformative thinking and embracing change at all levels,” says Brian Labelle of GF Piping Systems in a recent interview with Water Online radio.

Labelle applies that philosophy to piping system materials. In his radio interview he focuses on polyethylene as a “disruptive technology” and a cutting-edge alternative to the piping materials traditionally used, which often start to lose their ability to hold water as they age.

Labelle also speaks about another unique GF product, the EnviroKing UV. This is a clear PVC piping system with ultraviolet inhibitors. It is designed for outdoor installations where most PVC would brown and be destroyed quickly in direct sunlight.  It is ideal for the renewable energy industry. 

“It lets the good light through, blocks the bad light and it can be installed outdoors where we could use the natural energy from sunlight to grow algae in photo-bioreactors,” explains Labelle.

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