Pipeline Flash Reactors for Mixing & Contacting

Pipeline Flash Reaction (PFR)

Pipeline Flash Reactors (PFRs or spool pieces) utilize high velocity mixing to transfer ozone or oxygen-enriched sidestreams into bulk water flow, all within a compact footprint. With a PFR, ozone or oxygen mass transfer occurs in the pipeline within seconds, eliminating the need for additional tanks or basins. Whether it is providing ozone for water purification or increased dissolved oxygen for wastewater, Mazzei’s PFR uniformly distributes gas into the water and minimizes the size and cost of gas contacting.

Mazzei Pipeline Flash Reactor Provides:Rapidly mixed ozone gas with treatment plant’s bulk water; Low pressure loss across the mixing zone; Mass transfer efficiency of 95% and greater; Reduced size requirements of downstream contact basins; Elimination of repairs/replacement of diffuser stones; Increased basin CT credits in many cases; Completely fabricated 316L stainless steel product; and Product designed specifically to conform to plant space, flow requirements, and ozone dosage.

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