Pipeline Flash Reactors for Mixing & Contacting

Source: Mazzei Injector Company, LLC
Pipeline Flash Reaction (PFR)

Pipeline Flash Reactors (PFRs or spool pieces) utilize high velocity mixing to transfer ozone or oxygen-enriched sidestreams into bulk water flow, all within a compact footprint. With a PFR, ozone or oxygen mass transfer occurs in the pipeline within seconds, eliminating the need for additional tanks or basins.

Mazzei Pipeline Flash Reactor Provides:Rapidly mixed ozone gas with treatment plant’s bulk water; Low pressure loss across the mixing zone; Mass transfer efficiency of 95% and greater; Reduced size requirements of downstream contact basins; Elimination of repairs/replacement of diffuser stones; Increased basin CT credits in many cases; Completely fabricated 316L stainless steel product; and Product designed specifically to conform to plant space, flow requirements, and ozone dosage.