Case Study

Pilot Test For Manganese Removal Using Manganese Greensand (Loprest)

Source: WRT - Water Remediation Technology
Pilot Test For Manganese Removal Using Manganese Greensand

Loprest has been designing and fabricating manganese removal systems using manganese greensand for over forty years. Drawing on that experience; filtration rates, run times, backwash procedures, chemical dosage rates, etc. are all established by theoretical calculations and history. Therefore, Loprest’s goal in this pilot study was to conduct uninterrupted operation per bid testing procedures and document the results.

Loprest uses lower filtration rate with conventional media than some of our competitors with their proprietary medias. However, this approach has many advantages to it that overcomes the use of physically larger equipment. Replacement media costs less and is available from multiple sources. Service times between backwashes are very long, in this case over fifty hours. This reduces equipment wear and tear while prolonging media life. With the stainless steel internal components that are used, everything will last longer than the forty years typically used to depreciate the capital costs. On-going operational costs are minimal with only small amounts of chlorine required on a daily basis.

WRT - Water Remediation Technology