Peristaltic Vs. Diaphragm Pumps


Bill McDowell of Blue-White Industries, a supplier of chemical metering pumps and flow meters, recently sat down with Water Online Radio and explained the difference between peristaltic pumps and diaphragm pumps.

“A peristaltic pump is basically a squeeze-tube pump. So you’re taking a piece of tubing and you’re squeezing the chemical through and you’re pushing it into the flow stream. They don’t use any kind of valves or check balls, so they’re well suited for slurries and chemicals that have particulates in them … versus a diaphragm pump, which is well-suited for clean fluids. [A diaphragm pump] has check balls in it and can pump into higher pressure capable systems. So they both have their own niches in the marketplace.”

McDowell goes on to explain more specific applications that require the determination — peristaltic or diaphragm — and the factors in choosing one over the other.

To learn more about the differences and the criteria necessary to make the choice, click the Radio Player below.

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