PEAK-WTS Water Treatment/Disinfection System

Source: Pinnacle Ozone

Peak WTS

Peak-WTS water treatment systems are easily integrated into smaller municipal, commercial, industrial, and food and beverage facilities and feature standard water, power, and TCP/IP facility connections.

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Designed for smaller commercial, industrial, and food & beverage applications, the robustly designed PEAK-WTS systems are skid mounted for easy placement and operation within your facility. The systems feature standard water, power and TCP/IP facility connections.

Pinnacle’s PEAK-WTS systems are available in QuadBlock increments of 20 lb / day from 20-120 lbs. per day. Each Peak-WTS system is matched to customer process specification requirements but most importantly includes an additional QuadBlock® buffer for redundant capacity. This vitally important feature enables process flow to continue if a QuadBlock® requires maintenance or suffers from decreased output during operation. Pinnacle calls this revolutionary feature process safety insurance (PSI) and here’s how it works. First, each QuadBlock continually checks itself by monitoring operating parameters to ensure they are within established specifications. Second, if the process parameters are out of range, the QuadBlock will automatically reduce the power to the cell and prevent any hardware damage from occurring. Third, operating in parallel with system monitoring are notification alarms that are sent to facility/operations personnel for fault analysis of the QuadBlock® ozone generator(s). If so needed, a QuadBlock replacement can be installed under 20 minutes.

The Peak-WTS system comes standard with built-in system alarming and user defined process parameters for database capture. The system can be remotely monitored and controlled via PCs on your company Intranet or Internet (if required). System alarm email notification and text messaging are also available with this system.