News | September 17, 2008

Patterson Pumps Meet Hurricane Gustav Challenge In New Orleans

Toccoa, GA — Patterson Pump Company announced recently that its eight 68" x 72" SAFV Mixed Flow Pumps installed at New Orleans' London Avenue Canal following Hurricane Katrina performed as planned to prevent flooding during Hurricane Gustav's recent challenge to the city.

This was the first-ever attempt under actual storm conditions to synchronize the massive floodgate structures and new pumps installed at the mouths of three New Orleans outfall canals following Katrina.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers officials indicated that two different kinds of temporary pumps, including Patterson's, installed at the floodgates of the London Avenue and 17th Street canals ran without failing during the approximate 24-hour period that Gustav pounded the New Orleans area.

The synchronizing process, which quickly removed water from the closed canals, allowed the New Oarleans Sewage and Water Board to crank up its own pumps and remove water even faster from city streets.

SOURCE: Patterson Pump Company