News | September 20, 2019

Partnership Set To Bring Safe Drinking Water To Half A Million People Annually

Source: Xylem

Xylem and Planet Water Foundation, a leading non-profit organization that addresses global water poverty by delivering clean water access and hygiene education programs, have announced plans to deepen their partnership. As part of the expanded partnership, Planet Water Foundation is integrating Xylem pump products into all the non-profit’s water filtration and sanitation solutions.

The partnership initially launched eight years ago to address water access issues in the world’s most impoverished communities. Since 2011, Xylem and Planet Water Foundation have provided education and access to safe, potable water in over 400 communities across 12 countries, supporting the daily drinking water requirements of nearly 500,000 people.

Building on this success, the new terms of the partnership extends Xylem’s involvement to a total of more than 1,100 projects across 13 countries. Xylem’s renowned manual, solar, petrol and electric pumping solutions will be added to multiple life-changing engineering solutions.

“Planet Water Foundation installs water filtration solutions in areas that are in critical need of access to clean water – whether a community in a remote, rural area, or the provision of clean, safe drinking water for people in need in the wake of a natural disaster,” said Mark Steele, Founder & CEO at Planet Water Foundation.

“It is important that our solutions provide a high level of quality and reliability where our products are deployed, and Xylem’s pumps have proven to be world-class. We’re proud to extend our partnership with an innovative, purpose-driven company like Xylem, which provides us with the technology we need to provide clean water access to communities around the world.”

AquaBlock provides clean water after Cyclone Idai
In March 2019, Xylem Watermark’s humanitarian disaster response team partnered with Planet Water following the landfall of Cyclone Idai in Africa. Hundreds of thousands of families were displaced from their homes due to flooding, many of whom relocated to the Arboretum Camp in the Chimanimani region. Xylem’s employee volunteers with technical expertise were deployed to install the AquaBlock, which would provide emergency clean, potable water access those stationed at the camp. Today, 150-160 displaced persons still remain at the camp and will continue to have access to clean, safe water through the AquaBlock.

This was the first deployment in Africa where Xylem Watermark and Planet Water have partnered to respond quickly with an emergency clean water system to help in time of need. Xylem Watermark and Planet Water Foundation will continue to collaborate, and the partnership will remain critical in supporting those impacted during the upcoming hurricane season and similar flooding events.

Xylem’s pumping solutions for the AquaBlock
The AquaBlock produces 1,500 liters of water per hour, capable of supporting the daily drinking water requirements of up to 10,000 people. A four-stage water filtration process integrates reverse osmosis filtration, activated carbon to improve taste and residual chlorine to keep the water safe for up to 24 hours after access.

The AquaBlock features three Xylem pumping solutions, whether it be petrol, electric or in manual mode using a stepper pump (shown in use). In addition to Africa, the AquaBlock emergency response drinking water kiosks have also been successfully deployed in relief camps in India after flooding.

Empowering communities to achieve water security
With over two billion people across the globe living in water-stressed countries, Xylem recognizes its role in harnessing the power of digital technologies to solve water challenges, safeguard our environment and drive social change.

“Xylem has a unique opportunity – and responsibility – to drive change and promote water sustainability with our business and with our social impact efforts,” said Joseph Vesey, Chief Marketing Officer, Xylem. “This partnership helps us deliver on one of our sustainability goals – to empower communities to achieve water security. We’ve committed one percent of Xylem employees’ time and one percent of our profits to help make that happen. We are enthusiastic about extending our work with Planet Water Foundation to advance our shared goal of helping communities solve urgent water challenges.”

Source: Xylem