Partial Shutoff For Partial Service

Source: Badger Meter
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Partial Shut Off For Partial Service

Cutting off service to a customer who hasn’t paid their water bill can be a controversial move for many utilities. But a new product that integrates a shut off valve with an ultrasonic meter may make what has traditionally been an all or nothing decision a little easier.

The E-Series Ultrasonic Plus shutoff valve from Badger Meter has a patented flow restriction valve that supports open, closed and partial closed settings. The utility can remotely actuate the valve to allow a non-paying customer to have enough flow to wash their hands or get a glass of water but struggle to shower or run the washing machine.

Kristie Anderson, Marketing Manager for Badger Meter, recently sat down with Water Online Radio to discuss the meter and the Company’s Beacon advanced metering analytic solution for improving communication with customers also. To listen, click here:

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