News | November 14, 2019

Pall Water Announces New Offering Designed To Maximize Water Production

Pall Water, a world leader in water filtration, separation, and purification, has released the newest offering in their Aria FAST product line: T96. Designed to maximize space and plant uptime while improving operator experience, the T96 is a turn-key mobile filtration solution for producing clean, compliant water.

Recognizing industrial customers’ need for cost efficiency, operational versatility, and performance reliability, Pall Water developed the T96 to meet production demands within a smaller footprint. Greg Golden, Global Marketing Manager shared, “We have heard from a number of customers over the years that the resources required – cost, time, and manpower – to operate effectively are becoming more and more unpredictable, so we set out to solve the problem in a new way. We know they have to innovate to keep up with changing demands, so we’re doing the same.”

Capable of treating a variety of water types, the Aria FAST T96 increases your surface area for water treatment capacity more than any other self-contained membrane-based trailer, providing an economical choice over existing designs. Key features include 96 total modules that maximize production in a small footprint, a plug-and-play design that ensures each trailer begins producing almost immediately after arriving onsite, built-in compliance with current electrical and drinking water regulations, and the Aria SMARTBOX remote monitoring system to simplify operations and optimize uptime.

The T96 is further supported through Pall Water’s experienced, best-in-class service and support team. “The T96 is reliable, easily maneuverable and can be configured into virtually any step in the production process, to treat your most challenging waters,” says Golden.

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About Pall Water
Pall Water, a member of the Danaher portfolio of water companies, is a leader in membrane-based water treatment solutions, with more than two billion gallons of installed capacity spanning six continents. Pall Water offers a broad portfolio of reliable water and wastewater systems and pre-treatment filters for industrial and municipal customers to ensure the continual supply of safe and reliable water.

Source: Pall Water