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As a world leader in ozone disinfection treatment, ozonia designs and manufactures ozone generators incorporating the most sophisticated electronics technology available. Offering wide-range of ozone generators from the laboratory scale to the largest ozone systems in the world. All ozonia ozone systems have a variety of technical features developed to simplify installation and allow minimal operator attention and maintenance.

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Ozone has been used by municipal bodies for many years to improve the aesthetic qualities of water and for its germicidal action. It is an accepted fact that drinking water is disinfected when a residual ozone level of 0.4 mg/l has been maintained for a period of 4 minutes. Ozone has many additional benefits in the drinking water process:

  • In preozonation, ozone improves clarification, limits the formation of haloform precursors, reduces iron and manganese and promotes the destruction of micro-organisms such as algae.
  • Main ozonation treatment breaks down trace contaminants and enhances the biodegradability of organic substances which are then removed in a biological treatment step.
  • Finally, combined treatment steps involving ozone and activated carbon or ozone and peroxide are currently the most powerful means available to water process engineers for the removal of contaminants and constitute a vital safeguard against contamination entering a drinking water system.

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