Ozone Process Control Cuts Finished Water Cost by Nearly 40 Percent

Source: Pinnacle Ozone

Director Doug Neibauer of the North Burleigh Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in Bismarck, North Dakota talks about precisely matching ozone production to real-time demand. The project involved complete upgrade to a fully-integrated Pinnacle Peak Series (125 lb/day) ozone generator system, new raw and finished water injection systems, onsite oxygen feed system, and complete process controls. Since startup in March of 2011, the system has run continuously with minimal service beyond instrument calibration. As a result of the project, the Burleigh WTP has been able to reduce its finished water cost by nearly 40% due to enhanced ozone process control. The results clearly demonstrate that newer, more efficient ozone generation and controls technologies are ideally suited for small to medium treatment plants, especially those using membranes.