Article | July 19, 2013

Ozone Demand Testing = Disinfection Project Success

Source: Pinnacle Ozone

By Thoram Charanda and Louis LeBrun

Water and wastewater facilities are increasingly looking to ozone disinfection. A strong and indiscriminant oxidant, ozone can effectively address treatment issues with THMs and DBPs in the disinfection process. Ozone disinfection is also a proactive step toward addressing future rules on endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) and other trace organics at both water and wastewater plants. While there are many aspects to ozone disinfection system design, the single most important factor in project success is a thorough understanding of your facility’s ozone demand profile. This article provides an outline of the key factors to make your ozone demand test -and ozone project- a success.

Understand the Value of Testing
Simply put, your ozone demand test results will largely determine how much you spend on design and equipment for your ozone disinfection system. The authors can point to numerous cases where testing revealed systems that were either 50% larger or 75% smaller than originally expected. Quite obviously, these results can translate into thousands of dollars in project and engineering cost. More importantly, test results help avoid even costlier issues to modify an incorrectly sized system. So - don’t underestimate the value that ozone demand testing testing can play in both your system budget and your future ability to properly operate your plant.