Datasheet | May 20, 2016

Out-Of-The-Box Alarm and Event Management

Source: Trihedral Engineering Limited

Thanks to VTScada’s integrated design, every new application includes pre-configured databases that support an unlimited number of process alarms and events. Additionally, the standard VTScada Alarm Page provides an instantly intuitive alarm management interface. This approach reduces integration time and ensures that your mission-critical alarm features remain tightly integrated over the life of your system no matter how many times you expand your application or update VTScada.

  • ISA 18.2 Compliant - The re-imagined alarm page and augmented tools help you enact the best practices outlined in the ISA 18.2-2009 Alarm Management Standard.
  • VTScada Anywhere Client – This new Thin Client display option provides a consistent alarm interface across computers, phones, and tablets.

Trihedral Engineering Limited